Expert Advice for Airline Customer Complaint Teams

We provide a ‘counsel’ style advice service for airlines, advising on legal issues relating to passenger compensation claims.


  • Aviation law advice – EU/UK261 and Montreal convention
  • Advice on Consumer Rights Act 2015 and its relationship with 261
  • Settlement agreements
  • Drafting defences in relation to passenger court claims


We recognise the need for businesses to accurately budget for the costs of operating. To this end, we operate a retainer system, giving our clients the ability to accurately forecast the cost of legal representation.

For our retainer clients we operate like an ‘in-house’ legal team and are available on a 24/7 basis. We represent clients ranging from start-up’s to AIM listed companies on a retainer basis.


We operate CLTP (consumer law training portal) a leading online training facility for airlines, retailers and lawyers.